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A Look Back at Making the New Tycho Album

Count with Tycho

Several weeks after finishing work on the album, I finally had a listen to the new Tycho album from start to finish on my flight to the Grammys. It was nominated for best Dance/Electronic album, although it is clearly not dance, and in many ways its not even electronic. Nonetheless, it seems to have struck a chord with people, and considering the Grammy nomination, I thought it was finally time to re-listen. I like to wait a while before I listen to anything I work on. It gives me a better perspective. I no longer hear the hard work, problems, or tricks that went into making the album. I am able to hear it more as a music fan. I am pleased to say that it not only did not make me cringe, its actually something I would go out and buy. I know that doesn't sound like greatest sale pitch, but for a recovering music snob producer, thats actually a massive compliment. In fact, that should be the sticker on the front of the album "It actually doesn't suck", - Count. But seriously, it is actually something I am quite proud of. It was an incredibly difficult album to make, but I'm glad we brought it into the world. I am already looking forward to the next one.

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