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Newfangled Audio Invigorate - new plugin development with Count

As a producer/mixer, I am always looking for new ways to enhance my work. I don't just stick to "tried and true". This has recently led me to working closely with some of the most innovative audio companies to help create the kinds of tools I want to work with. Over the past few months I've been working closely with the folks at Newfangled Audio as they have been developing a new plugin called Invigorate. It's a compressor/limiter/overdrive, but it really feels like it is doing something different. Not only does it function a bit differently (as you can immediately see from the UI), the resulting sound is also something unique.

There are so many different ways to use this plugin, but I think it is probably most useful as a mix bus compressor/limiter. It kind of magically allows the detail to come through much more than a traditional bus compressor. You can even use it with pretty extreme settings and it still allows the detail of the mix to come through. It doesn't squash the dynamics and the life out of your mix. It really maintains clarity while adding that cohesion that you want from a bus compressor. The overused word here is "glue", and that's what Invigorate is designed to add without destroying dynamics.

Invigorate is essentially a deconstructed compressor, limiter, and overdrive. It sort of uses the best parts of each to create a processor that’s designed to add energy and glue without sounding like its overly impacting the dynamics. I absolutely love the character that compressors can give to a sound, but sometimes that squashing of the dynamics part of the effect isn't actually what you want- especially on a mix bus. Because of its unique way of dealing with dynamics, I am finding that this plugin is extremely versatile compared to a lot of compressors. It works well on just about anything you throw at it. You’ll notice right away how even with pretty severe settings, it will get you far more useful results than other compressor/limiters. In addition to using it like a somewhat standard compressor, I also use it in a completely different way to add energy and excitement to the high and mid frequencies. This video demonstrates how I have been using invigorate on my mixes recently.


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